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Network Knowledgebase (NKB): Designed to reflect a current inventory of all switching and transmission Network Elements (NE), including those operational, planned or retired. Attributes include (but not limited to) location, supplier, model, technology, software version, function, etc. NKB design provides for connectivity either logical or physical between elements, thus reflecting network topology. Topology attributes may include link protocols, channel assignments, circuit capacities, etc. Graphics (rack layouts, floor plans, etc.) and/or engineering and installation notes can be tagged to each object.

NetView: A geospatial analysis tool that allows for viewing of all network elements.

NetCalc: A traffic-flow modeling tool designed to dimension logical link capacities between switching elements within or between networks. Current version of NetCalc has superceded "NetPlan" as it models traffic flow on legacy TDM/PCM circuit-switched links, CCS7 signaling links and NGN packet-switched links using H.248/SIGTRAN, H.323 and/or SIP protocols.

NetSim: A global common channel signaling simulation application. Provides for multiple Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ports. Interfaces to Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) 23B+D or 30B+D ports, using ITU-T Rec. Q.931 signaling message format. Simulates signaling node queuing delays and transmission link delays between near-end and far-end for all dialable PSTN global destinations.
  • Database Implementation & Maintenance
  • Establishment of server replication mode using Oracle Streams
  • Customized client / server applications
  • Customized query tools

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