Network Management Services
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Planning & Development

  • Network Planning Studies
  • Feasibility Analyses
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Equipment Provisioning

  • Traffic Flow Modeling and Analyses
  • Link and Node Dimensioning

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Inventory Management

  • By Supplier
  • Quantities by Location
  • Functions
  • Models
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Maintenance & Restoration

  • Geospatial Displays
  • Network Element Alarms
  • Traffic Re-routing Schemes
  • Link & Node Vulnerability Analysis

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Data Management

  • Design & Implementation
  • Client / Server Configurations
  • Geographically Dispersed Locations
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Version

Network Management Services

Network Management Services span a wide range of topics from Planning & Development, Equipment Provisioning, Inventory Management, and Maintenance & Restoration to Data Management.

The NTI technical staff offers both experience and knowledge of legacy circuit-switched and Next Generation Network (NGN) packet-switched voice technologies to provide solutions to solve current challenges.