We at NTI strive to provide long-term commitments to our customers and successfully meet the dynamic technological challenges of the future.
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The NTI technical staff offers both experience and knowledge of complex technologies to provide solutions to solve current challenges.
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NTI creates innovative software applications such as its Network Knowledgebase, which is designed to reflect a current inventory of all switching and transmission Network Elements.
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NTI’s focus has been to incorporate cutting edge changes in network technology into its planning, management, and support efforts.

NTI concentrates its efforts on the latest Operational Support Systems (OSS). OSS is the information technology infrastructure consisting of hardware and software applications that allow service providers to create, deploy, monitor, analyze, manage, and/or otherwise maintain network-based services.

OSS technology has been evolving as Next Generation Networks (NGN) packet-based technologies are being deployed. Network providers are looking for converged solutions that will allow them to seamlessly integrate wireless cellular and legacy TDM circuit-switched networks with IP-core based technologies.

Packet-switched voice (i.e. VoIP) and broadband applications such as xDSL, together with number portability require more sophisticated methods to manage Quality of Service (QoS) parameters, IP addresses, traffic routing, usage patterns and reporting. Network service providers are expecting comparable management and control solutions to integrate dissimilar OSS applications as part of their overall implementation strategy.